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Too Much Trick Or Treat Candy: Halloween Oral Care Tips

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Office
Too Much Trick Or Treat Candy: Halloween Oral Care TipsHalloween is around the corner, and the kids are becoming more excited. While they have already picked out the costumes and know the type of candy they will consume, you may be concerned about the effects all that candy will have on your kid's teeth. It's not a secret; sugar is not good for the teeth and even the body. Just like the kids, the bacteria in the mouth like sugar and candy a lot. 

Worst Candies that Affect Kid's Teeth

Sugary snacks that your kids have to suck tend to be precarious. Keeping hard candies in the mouth allows more sugar coats to form on the teeth of the kids. As the kids suck, those sugars mix with the saliva, meaning that they spread to cover every surface of the mouth. Hard candies have the risk of breaking the teeth of a kid. Not only is this painful, but you may need a trip to a pediatric dentist. Limit hard candy consumption during the holiday.

Another type of dangerous candy is sticky candy – probably the worst type. These candies tend to stick to the tooth's surface, making it difficult for the saliva or even the toothbrush to remove them. Therefore, the longer they remain on the tooth's surface, the more harm they cause. Bacteria will feast on the candies, producing acids and increasing chances of cavities. 

Sour candy is not only coated with sugar but can also be sticky and acidic. Since they add more acid to the kid's mouth, it increases the risk of enamel damage, allowing cavities to form. 

Reducing Cavity Risks

The kids should brush twice a day. They should also floss to remove candy particles lodged in between the teeth. Limit the number of candies the kids eat in order to reduce sugars in the mouth. Make sure they eat the candies right after a meal. Schedule regular dentist appointments, specifically after every six months. If the kids are experiencing discomforts, don't wait for the regular visits; bring them to our dentist immediately for checkups, especially after Halloween. 
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