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How tobacco usage affects your oral health

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Office
How tobacco usage affects your oral healthThe majority of people now understand that smoking is harmful to their health. It can cause a variety of medical issues, including lethal diseases in some situations. Many people, however, are unaware of the harm that smoking does to their lips, gums, and teeth. Tobacco use can cause tooth discoloration, gum disease, tooth loss, and mouth cancer in the worst-case scenario.

Stained teeth

Tobacco smoke can easily discolor your teeth, which is a well-known impact. Nicotine and tar, which are found in tobacco smoking, are the compounds that cause teeth to be yellow. Those who have been smoking heavily for a long time may even notice that their teeth are becoming brown.

Bad breath

When you smoke, the particles inhaled stick to your teeth and other soft tissue inside your mouth. The bacteria created increases the longer these particles remain on these surfaces. The bacteria will begin to produce a smell that is similar to tobacco smoke, leaving the user with a foul odor on their breath.

Periodontal disease

Tobacco usage has been strongly linked to the development of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. In fact, smokers and consumers of smokeless tobacco are twice as likely to develop gum disease as non-smokers. This is due to the fact that smokers are more prone to generate bacterial plaque, which can lead to bacterial infection along the gum line. When it comes to managing gum disease, smoking might be challenging. Because smokers have less oxygen in their blood, infected gum tissue does not recover as quickly.

Dental health

Gum disease, on the other hand, is the leading cause of tooth loss. It affects the jawbone that holds your teeth in place. Teeth become loose and eventually fall out when the bone deteriorates. It has also been related to pregnancy issues as well as a number of other major health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Visit us if smoking has affected your oral health; our dentist is ready to help.
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