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What Are Mini Implant Dentures

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Office
What Are Mini Implant DenturesIf you're looking for a dental solution that will give you the most natural-looking smile, then mini implant dentures are what you need. A mini implant denture is an alternative to full or partial dentures connected to your gums with clasps and can be removed easily. These implants are used as anchors for the new teeth on top of them, making them easier to remove if needed and adding support when eating or speaking. If you would like more information about these types of implants, read on!

How do they work?

Mini implant dentures work by providing a base for the denture to be placed on. The mini implant itself is used as one of the teeth in the dentures, and it attaches them together, holding them in place over your gums. They are also helpful in the way that your tongue cannot feel them. Since several mini implants can be used, you will look like you have more teeth than what is actually implanted into your jawbone.

However, it would be best to use caution when it comes to removing them since this needs to be done by a dentist. They need to make sure there aren't any bacteria before pulling the denture out of its base so take care!

Benefits of mini implant dentures

These mini implant dentures are designed to provide a natural look and feel. The mini implant dentures use the same technology as traditional complete or partial denture implants, but they do not replace all of your teeth at once as other dental bridges may require.

This ensures that you maintain normal eating habits and talk clearly without any distortion caused by ill-fitting dentures. This is because there is no need for having multiple prosthetic teeth attached together, which can cause discomfort and awkward speech impediments. The only way these mini implant dentures differ from regular ones is in size; instead of replacing an entire arch, this type replaces one tooth at a time until it has been replaced with a full set of new permanent teeth. Without the need for a dental adhesive, these mini implant dentures are highly convenient and comfortable.

If you have any questions about this or any other dental procedure, reach out to (company) on (number), and we'll be glad to assist in any way we can. 
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