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How a Composite Filling Can Boost Your Self Confidence

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Office
How a Composite Filling Can Boost Your Self ConfidenceAt one time, people dreaded getting fillings because they did not like to display a mouthful of silver when they opened their mouth. While the fillings prevented further decay, they did nothing to build a person's level of self-confidence.

Why Composite Fillings Improve How You Feel About Your Smile

Today, if we catch a small cavity, we can fill it immediately with a composite filling – a tooth-colored filling material and matches the surrounding natural teeth. By using this resin to fill cavities, we make it easier for patients to smile. No one can tell the filling is an actual filling. It looks natural in the mouth and looks like the rest of the teeth.

How Composite Fillings Are Applied

We really have to be somewhat artistic to place a composite filling, as it is shaped to look like your natural tooth. That is why it takes longer to fill a tooth with a composite than with an amalgam or silver filling material. To fill a tooth with a composite filling, we dry the filling site and isolate the tooth, so it is not affected by the saliva in the mouth. Next, we drill out the decayed and infected portion of the tooth before placing the composite tooth-colored resin. The material is applied in layers and hardened with a special dental light. After filling the tooth, we will shape the composite to replicate a natural tooth.

How Long Does a Composite Filling Last?

If you brush and floss daily and take good care of your teeth, a composite filling can last ten or more years. Keeping your filled teeth clean is key to preventing the development of decay around the fillings and along the gum line.

If you believe you need to have a tooth filled, call us today to schedule a dental appointment. It will be easier to fill your tooth and treat any problem with decay by contacting us immediately.
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