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Practices That Harming Your Teeth

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Office
Practices That Harming Your TeethDiligence is the key to optimal oral health maintenance. If you brush your teeth twice daily, floss, and never skip your dental check-ups, kudos to you. However, there may be other habits or practices that can damage the health and beauty of your smile. If you want to keep enamel erosion to a minimum and prevent chipping or breaking your teeth, you may want to give up the habits mentioned below.

•  Using the Wrong Products – You should brush your teeth thoroughly but not too roughly. A soft to medium bristle toothbrush is good enough for cleaning your teeth regularly. If you use a hard-bristled brush, you may end up damaging your teeth and speeding up enamel erosion.
•  Playing sports without a Mouthguard – Accidents can happen anywhere, but one is most susceptible to accidents when playing sports. You may be tempted to go out into the field/court without protection, but do not do so. Make sure you wear your mouthguard throughout the game. You can even get a custom mouthguard to alleviate the discomfort felt by using a readily available one.
•  Over brushing – Brushing your teeth after every meal may sound like an excellent idea to some, but it actually isn’t. Brushing your teeth too frequently has the same effect as brushing your teeth with a hard-bristled brush does. Stick to brushing your teeth twice a day, once after breakfast and once before bed.
•  Chewing on Ice – It takes a considerable amount of force to bite through an ice cube, and exerting that using your teeth is not good. You can end up breaking or chipping your tooth.
•  Clenching Your Jaw – Clenching your teeth is a natural response to stressful or aggravating situations. Some people also clench their jaw when they concentrate and as an involuntary movement even while lounging. However, doing so often can cause uneven wear of the tooth.

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