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Why Teeth Begin to Turn Brown

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Office
Why Teeth Begin to Turn BrownYour teeth may turn brown due to various reasons such as diet and habits such as excessive smoking. When a tooth turns brown, but the patient delays seeking treatment, the tooth may eventually die, making extraction the last resort. You can avoid such instances by regularly brushing your teeth or controlling it by visiting our experts for dental cleaning procedures. Several factors may cause tooth discoloration, but our team of professionals can help you restore your naturally white teeth.

What Causes Brown Teeth

The most common cause of tooth discoloration is poor dental hygiene. Lack of irregular brushing and flossing of the teeth can leave food particles in the mouth, which are breeding grounds for oral bacteria that stain your teeth. Prolonged tooth exposure to nicotine (due to excessive smoking) can also lead to tar deposits on your teeth. Additionally, frequently taking drinks such as coffee, tea, and red wine may increase tooth discoloration chances. Another factor that contributes to the teeth turning brown is age, a factor beyond our control. As the age advances, the more your teeth enamel wear out, leaving yellow dentine, which turns dark brown.

Methods To Treat the Brown Stains On Teeth

There are several procedures to treat or control stains on your teeth. Cleaning treatment procedures help to remove any dental stains effectively. This method involves scaling (removal of plaque/ tartar) of the infected tooth, polishing it, and finally flossing it to remove any lingering stains. Proper brushing and flossing may also help mitigate the development of brown stains on teeth. For caused stains caused due to advancement in age, bleaching the infected tooth is more effective. Finally, being keen on what you ingest ensures that you reduce the chances of teeth discoloration. Contact us for more information on what causes brown teeth and how you can restore your teeth' natural color.
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