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Do Your Teeth Take Damage When You Get the Flu?

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Office
Do Your Teeth Take Damage When You Get the Flu?While we all take necessary measures to avoid catching a cold during the flu season, it is normal to find yourself cuddling your blankets sooner or later when the flu catches up with you. To ease the flu symptoms, you need to take medication and some beverages. Unfortunately, while these remedies give you some relief and comfort, they can damage your teeth and affect your smile.


Lozenges, cough syrups, and antihistamines are among the medication you will take to ease the flu symptoms. Some sore throat lozenges brands have higher sugar content, and sucking them for long exposes your teeth to the sugar. If the sugar interacts with bacteria in the mouth, it may result in the formation of plaques and cavities. Thus, consider the sugarless lozenges, and in case you take the sugary ones, brush your teeth after consumption. Some cough syrup and liquid medicines, besides the sugar content, also contain alcohol that can cause mouth dryness. Antihistamines also cause mouth dryness. Since saliva helps rinse off bacteria and food particles, a dry mouth will encourage accumulation, causing a risk of tooth decay and bad breath. Drinking a lot of water helps relieve mouth dryness.


If you have the flu, drinking beverages rich in vitamin C, energy drinks, and some tea types will help relieve the symptoms. While vitamin C is essential in boosting your immunity, the acidity in these beverages can wear out your enamel. Energy drinks have a high sugar content that can cause potential tooth damage. Tea is also acidic, and you should consume with moderation, replacing the sugar with healthy options like honey or take it sugarless. Given the flu remedies' side effects, you should exercise extra diligence in your oral hygiene if you have flu to minimize the damage. Contact us today for more information on how your teeth damage when you get the flu.
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