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Do Sugar-Free Foods Lead to Fewer Cavities?

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Office
Do Sugar-Free Foods Lead to Fewer Cavities?Sugary foods are the number one enemy to your teeth, making sugar-free foods a good option for your teeth. They lack regular sugar, which harmful bacteria feed on, resulting in an acid attack on your enamel (the outer layer of your teeth). Although sugar-free foods don't guarantee 100% freedom from cavities, they lead to fewer cavities than their sugary counterparts.

Sugar-Free Foods Lack Regular Sugar

Several factors lead to acid attacks on your teeth. However, sugar is usually the main culprit. When you eat your favorite cupcake with extra icing, harmful bacteria get to work immediately. They break down the sugar to produce plaque, a colorless sticky substance that settles on the teeth. Plaque, when broken down produces an acid that attacks tooth enamel, causing it to weaken and soften, resulting in dental cavities. Sugar-free foods do not contain sugar. Harmful bacteria may act on natural sugars, but the process will not result in as many cavities as when processed sugar is used. We recommend that you schedule regular dental checkups.

Sugar-Free Foods Clean Your Teeth

Sugarless chewing gum cleans your teeth. They are rough and fiber-like, similar to chewing on sugarcane. The gum roughly rubs on the tooth's surface and penetrates the spaces between the teeth where bacteria and plaque hide. Chewing gum has the same effect that chewing food has on the brain. It causes the brain to stimulate the salivary glands to produce saliva in large quantities. The extra saliva flow washes down plaque and food particles in your mouth. As much as they lack sugar, some sugarless foods, drinks, and candies are not entirely healthy. They contain preservatives such as citric acid. Food colors are also added to make them attractive to the eye; harmful bacteria chemically break food color, resulting in acidic by-products that attack the enamel. Contact us if you start to notice small cavities on the surface of your teeth.
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