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Do Teeth Undergo Changes When the Weather Changes?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Office
Do Teeth Undergo Changes When the Weather Changes?While people often talk about their arthritis flaring up during a change in the weather, you may wonder if the weather also affects the teeth. The following information should dispel any myths and help you understand why your teeth will hurt if there is a sudden change in the weather.

Can an Extreme Shift in Temperature Affect My Teeth?

Your teeth can indeed undergo changes, depending on the weather. This is especially true during the winter. When you open your mouth and breathe in cold air, it can cause your teeth to contract. Once you shut your mouth, your teeth will expand. In turn, tiny fissures can develop that lead to even more sensitivity. We can reduce tooth sensitivity with sealants, bonding, fillings, and root canal therapy. We can also perform gum grafts that will repair receded gums that expose the tooth roots.

What Habits Lead to Increased Incidences of Weather-Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth can become sensitive for one or more reasons over time. For example, periodontal disease can expose the core of a tooth, or the dentin, which can cause discomfort or pain. You can also brush too hard and wear down the enamel, which, again, will expose the dentin and its nerve endings. Clenching and grinding the teeth erodes the enamel as well as teeth whiteners. Sensitivity to the cold may also indicate you have a cavity. Many of the beverages we drink are acidic and can lend to weather-related pain. These beverages may include coffee, sodas, and citrus juices with a high acid content.

It is not your imagination. Your teeth do respond to changes in the weather through expansion and contraction. This type of movement can cause tiny microscopic surface cracks to form that can only make dental sensitivity worse. If your teeth are ultra-sensitive, give us a call so we can determine what is causing the problem. Don't wait to call us to address a sensitivity issue. While the weather may change, any tooth sensitivity can progress over time. Give us a call if you are having problems with a hurting tooth. Schedule an appointment today.

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