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What Type of Toothpaste Is Right for You?
Posted on 7/23/2020 by Office
What Type of Toothpaste Is Right for You?Choosing from the vast array of toothpaste options on store shelves can be overwhelming. Although personal preference will play a big role, there are also some important considerations that will help you make the best choice for your specific oral care needs. No matter which toothpaste you choose, however, ensure that it has the American Dental Association stamp of approval and a minimum of 1,000 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride.

Can Toothpaste Actually Restore Enamel?

Many toothpaste labels contain claims that the product will “restore” enamel. This is actually an inaccurate description of what the product can really do. Once enamel is gone, it can't be restored. However, weak enamel can be strengthened by remineralization, which introduces calcium and other minerals that adhere to teeth and patch weak spots. Therefore, a more accurate description of the process would be “strengthening” or “rebuilding”.

Do Whitening Toothpastes Actually Work?

Although whitening toothpaste can't change your teeth's natural color, it can remove surface stains due to smoking or drinking coffee, for instance. However, it won't lighten stains that go deeper than the surface of your teeth. Whitening toothpastes typically contain special abrasives and/or chemicals to dissolve stains, such as peroxide. Long-term or excessive use may cause sensitivity, so it's important to always follow manufacturers' guidelines.

Are Over-the-Counter (OTC) Sensitivity Toothpastes as Effective as Prescription Ones?

Toothpaste designed for tooth sensitivity contains ingredients that block the tubules in the dentin of your teeth. Many of our patients have reported positive results with OTC sensitivity toothpaste. However, sometimes at-home treatment isn't enough. In cases of severe sensitivity, we will often recommend a prescription toothpaste. We may also recommend the application of a fluoride varnish to the sensitive areas to strengthen your enamel.

Time for your routine visit? We can discuss any questions or concerns you have about choosing the best toothpaste at that time. Please give us a call to schedule a visit.
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