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Top 3 Periodontal Services You Should Know About

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Office
Top 3 Periodontal Services You Should Know AboutPeriodontal services are different than those of a general dentist. Periodontists attend three more years of schooling to train for the more complex procedures that they perform. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that there is more pain involved or that it necessarily involves surgery. The procedures a periodontist can perform are simply more in-depth than general dentistry procedures. There are several procedures that can prevent further, more expensive and extensive work that could need to be done in the future.

What Can a Periodontist Do to Save My Teeth?

Scaling and root planning are procedures that are used as preventative measures to avoid further damage to your teeth or gums. With these procedures, we very carefully remove the plaque and tartar from deep periodontal pockets that you can't see or reach with a toothbrush. We then smooth the root of your tooth to remove any remaining bacterial toxins. This is sometimes followed by antimicrobials and/or systemic antibiotics. Our patients frequently don't require further treatments, though regular maintenance is advised.
When your gums and teeth are healthy, the gums have a snug fit around your teeth to prevent bacteria from getting in. When you have gum disease your gums loosen forming pockets that can allow bacteria to get in and grow. This can eventually lead to bone and tissue loss and eventually tooth loss. For this we would do a pocket reduction procedure. We create a flap and clean the bacteria from the pocket. We then ensure your teeth are smooth enough for a tight gum fit, then secure the gum tissue back into place.
Another very popular procedure is a dental implant to replace lost teeth. With a dental implant you effectively replace the original tooth with one that has the same strength of the original tooth. Once completed, you can even eat apples and no one will be able to tell you have had an implant.
For more information, please contact us. If these procedures are not what you need to restore the health of your mouth, we also have others that may be the perfect solution!
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