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:Complications That Come from Not Treating an Abscess

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Office
:Complications That Come from Not Treating an Abscess If you don't treat an abscess in your tooth, you can run into some severe health problems – problems that can affect both your oral and physical health. Therefore, you should never ignore the symptoms associated with an abscess or abscess pain. The information below will give you a more concise description of this type of dental condition.

What Is a Dental Abscess?

If you suffer from an abscess, you will usually know it. A tooth abscess is a pocket filled with pus that results from a bacterial infection. Abscesses may appear in different areas of a tooth. For example, a periapical abscess emerges at the tip of a tooth's root while a periodontal abscess is found alongside a tooth root. Most abscesses are treated as periapical abscesses in our office. A periapical abscess results from deep dental decay, an injury, or previous dental work. Treatment involves draining the pus from the abscess and removing the infection. The tooth may be saved, using a root canal procedure. You need to treat the abscess, as leaving it alone can lead to life-threatening conditions.

What Are Abscess Symptoms?

If you don't treat an abscess immediately, you may experience a throbbing toothache – one that radiates from the tooth area to the jawbone. You will also experience extreme sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures, and may produce a fever. Often, patients complain about swelling of the neck or face. You may also see swollen lymph nodes under the jaw. If the abscess ruptures, you will taste a foul fluid inside your mouth. Abscesses can also cause problems with swallowing or breathing. If the infection spreads, it may reach your brain and lead to death. Therefore, this is one dental problem that cannot wait to be addressed. If you would like to know more about treating an abscess, check with our office. Call us immediately. Not only can we treat the infection, we can perform a root canal to preserve a severely decayed tooth. We want to do everything we can to reduce the pain and give you a tooth that is healthy and preserved. Call our office today and come in and see us, we would love to help.
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