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Overbleaching Teeth Could Discolor Them

Posted on 3/25/2020 by Office
Overbleaching Teeth Could Discolor ThemMost people today want to have a pearly white smile they can show off. Our society deems a white smile as a sign of good health and good oral care, but some people are going too far to maintain a white smile and actually doing harm to their teeth in the process. In fact, in some patients the whiteners themselves are a cause of discolored teeth over time.

Teeth Whiteners Can Cause Tooth Problems and Discoloration

Most tooth whitener products and services rely heavily on high-concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in order to change the color of the teeth. Teeth lighten up with help from peroxide just like hair does if you dye it with a peroxide solution. The issue is the effect that high concentrations of peroxide has on the inner-layer of the teeth or the dentin. Peroxide has been shown to do damage to the internal dentin of teeth and to cause oral health issues when used too frequently.

Not only can you harm your dentin with too many whitening treatments, but you can make your teeth more susceptible to staining in the future. It's a misconception that whiteners can damage your teeth's enamel layer, but you could still suffer some serious consequences if you whiten your teeth too frequently or rely on a product that's too potent to do the job.

Using a powerful tooth whitener can do damage to your teeth, especially if you do so frequently. That's why we always encourage our patients to come into the office and talk about whitening options and to work out the safest way to achieve the bright white smile they're going for. With professional supervision teeth whitening is safer and can provide longer-lasting results as well. Talk with our team today about your available options and find out the most sustainable way to whiten your teeth in the process.
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