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Is Microdontia a Problem To Worry About?

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Office
Is Microdontia a Problem To Worry About?Micro refers to small while dontia refers to teeth. Microdontia is therefore a condition where you have smaller than normal teeth or teeth that appear small. Microdontia is often a condition that runs in families and has a strong genetic component. There is no female or male predominance to this condition.

Types of Microdontia

The first known type of microdontia is called localized microdontia. This is whereby a certain number or portion of teeth appear small. These may be the molars or lateral canines. The smallness may be in actual size or simply an illusion of being small compared to the rest.

The second documented type is the general microdontia where all the set of teeth are considerably smaller in size and appear childlike in comparison to the age of the individual. In some instances, microdontia may simply be an illusion where the teeth seem smaller but are not in essence actually small in size.

The Problem with Microdontia

Teeth that are seen as micro often also have numerous gaps and irregular spacing. This makes chewing difficult and cumbersome. Additionally, such teeth may sometimes be weak and break much more easily. In terms of aesthetics, such teeth are often seen to be odd and may give a less than appealing smile.

Whether or not such teeth are a problem boils down to individual wants and preferences. In the case of breakage, however, it is important to consider getting our dental help on the matter.

Our dental surgeons have curated a number of surgical procedures aimed at evening out the size of the teeth. One such process is crowning, where a crown made of ceramic or porcelain is placed on the microdont to give a rounded off shape. Another such option is the use of veneers to add to the bulk of the tooth.

All in all, if you perceive your microdonts as a challenge, you are welcome to talk with the professionals in our offices for help. Allow us to make your smile even brighter.
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