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Why Some People Need to Remove Their Wisdom Teeth While Others Do Not

Posted on 12/25/2019 by Office
Why Some People Need to Remove Their Wisdom Teeth While Others Do NotOur teeth are an important feature in our physiology. They are crucial in our digestive system, and also do a lot when it comes to our aesthetics. As we continue to grow up, different sets of teeth come in.

The last ones are usually the wisdom teeth that come in when someone attains the ages of 17 to 25.

However, some people do experience some issues that are related to the wisdom teeth. As such, most of the time we would recommend that the teeth be taken out or not. Here are some reasons people need to remove the wisdom teeth.

Teeth Damages

Since these are the most powerful teeth that a human being has, then they do take up a considerable space. As such, when they come in, these teeth tend to push the other teeth around which can bring about bite problems, mouth pain and a lot of discomfort. In such a scenario, we might decide to remove the teeth or send you to the orthodontist to get the teeth fixed.

Alignment Problems

When your teeth have been impacted, you are likely to feel very uncomfortable and experience a lot of pain. When the teeth are very crowded, they tend to push the other teeth, which in some cases can bring about an overbite or an underbite. However, if the dentist sees that this might be the issue, removing these wisdom teeth might bring about the space needed for the others to thrive.

Although wisdom teeth tend to be a bit problematic, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. When the teeth erupt in a functional and upright way, they don't need to be extracted. When these teeth don't cause any gum, decay and pain, they are alright and don't need to be removed. Since these teeth are in the back, it might be a bit difficult to clean. However, regular cleaning and flossing is critical to maintaining healthy teeth that are without any issues.
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