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Jaw Pain Can Lead to Ear Issues

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Office
Jaw Pain Can Lead to Ear IssuesThe body is connected in many ways. Pain in your feet can lead to pain in your back. If one of your arms is weaker, it can cause you to do too much with your other arm, leading to problems.

Because of the different connections in the body, it should not surprise people to find out that pain in the jaw can lead to issues with the ear. Learning how these things are connected is often the first step to resolving the problems.

What People Think About Ear Pain

When people suffer from ear pain or deal with times when they feel their hearing is impaired, they often assume it is due to an ear infection. Ear infections are a very common problem and fairly easy to treat, but they are not always the reason that a person is having issues with their ear. If a person also notices that have pain, soreness or discomfort in the jaw, it could mean that the two are related.

Ear Pain and TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a common problem that many people suffer with. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can be intermittent, or they could be something that is always present. When one of the symptoms is pain in the ear, it is because of the connection between the ear, the jaw and TMJ.

TMJ is a joint where the jaw attaches to the skull. The connection is at the base of the ear. Symptoms of TMJ include soreness or pain, difficulty opening and closing the jaw, and a feeling of the jaw popping out of place. There are also issues related to the ear that include earaches and tinnitus.

To resolve the problems of the ear caused by the TMJ, it is necessary to treat the TMJ. There are many ways that can relieve the stress placed on the jaw by the TMJ and to reduce the effect that the use of this joint has on other parts of the body including the ear. IT is not always possible to completely eliminate TMJ, but it is possible to manage the problems it creates.

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