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What Does Bad Breath Say About You?

Posted on 9/25/2018 by Office
What Does Bad Breath Say About You?When you eat onions, you worry about the effect it has on your breath. No one is happy if they have bad breath.

While people may blame it on something they eat, the bad breath could also say something else about them. It is possible that the bad breath is telling you something is not right with your body.

Causes of Bad Breath

While you are aware of what bad breath is, that does not mean you know why someone has bad breath. There are many different reasons that you or someone else suffers from either temporary or chronic bad breath.

•  Food.
•  Poor dental habits - Not following a regular routine can lead to a build-up of bacteria and can lead to tooth decay. These things can result in bad breath.
•  Wounds - After oral surgery, the wounds can cause bad breath. This is also a sign of a problem with the surgical site.
•  Infections in the mouth - From infections related to gum disease to other types of infections, one of the symptoms is chronic bad breath.
•  Dry Mouth - If something prevents you from generating enough saliva and you suffer from dry mouth as a result, you may also struggle with bad breath.
•  Medications - Some medications cause bad breath often because they cause a dry mouth.

What the Causes Mean

The cause of the bad breath can say a lot about how well you care for yourself. One of the things that it often shows is a lack of consistent care for your teeth and gums. If the cause is the food you eat, bacteria on the teeth and gums or infections in the mouth, it could mean you are not taking care of your oral health properly. These problems are something that you can correct to avoid worrying about what others think about you.

If you want help with your oral hygiene habits, contact the dental professionals at our office today.

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