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Most Common Risk Factors for Tooth Loss

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Office
Most Common Risk Factors for Tooth LossEveryone is afraid of losing a tooth, either because of decay or a blow to the face.

There are not only physical, but psychological effects that come with tooth loss, which affect a person's self-confidence and social interactions. More importantly, tooth loss can cause other, more serious problems.

Common Risk Factors for Losing Teeth

•  Periodontal disease - the number one factor for tooth loss in adults is gum disease or periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis. This is the leading cause of tooth loss around the world, according to researchers and men are more likely than women to have a tooth removed. This disease is more common among patients that are 35 and older. As a patient ages, due to fear or financial considerations, periodontal disease is more prevalent.
•  Poor dental care - not taking care of your teeth and issues that arise with your oral health, can also lead to tooth loss. If you have gum disease caused by plaque, and it is left untreated, it can progress into periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss. Likewise, if you do not practice good oral hygiene at home by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once a day, this can also lead to serious conditions that could end with tooth loss.
•  Smoking - smoking or chewing tobacco can be extremely detrimental to your oral health and can cause tooth loss if you do not see us regularly or practice good oral hygiene at home.

Tooth Loss and Overall Health

Tooth loss because of gum disease can lead to other overall health problems such as diabetes. Several scientific Studies have determined that diabetes and gum disease are directly related. Another common ailment that some researchers believe affects tooth loss is osteoporosis.

Women who suffer from osteoporosis have a higher likelihood of also having tooth loss because of low bone density, according to researchers.

Because your oral health is directly related to your overall health it is very important to take care of your teeth at home and with regular checkups.
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