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Why You Want to Drink More Water When You Struggle with Dry Mouth

Posted on 3/15/2018 by Office
Dry Mouth Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD FACD TX 78249Water is life. That is, indeed, true because water provides a wealth of benefits to the body, such as refueling and rehydrating you to keep you going. You may probably already know that water also brings oral health benefits.

Aside from preventing teeth stains and washing off sugar and acid from your mouth, water plays an important role in the dental condition xerostomia or dry mouth. Water is what you want whenever you have dry mouth. Let us find out why!

What is Dry Mouth?

First, you need to understand what xerostomia is. Yes, this is the oral problem usually called dry mouth syndrome wherein you experience dryness in your mouth because of reduced or absent saliva creation and flow. Dry mouth is quite simple to define because the name itself already defines it.

However, dry mouth is often associated with other health problems, both minor and serious, affecting not just dental, but also nutrition and psychological problems. People with dry mouth can also experience sore throat, burning sensation, swallowing and speaking difficulties, and dry nasal passages.

Why Do You Need Water?

If you struggle with dry mouth, you often see yourself wanting to drink more and more water. Why is that? It is clear that dry mouth means little to no saliva flow in the mouth. Lack of saliva causes not just dryness in the mouth, but also the constant sensation of thirst.

The first and primary thing you need to do to get rid of dry mouth is drinking water because most of the time, dehydration is the main cause of dry mouth. Dehydration and rehydration can affect the saliva production. Since dry mouth is associated with other health problems, this can also be the sign that your body needs more water.

There are other causes of dry mouth, such as the side effects of medication, smoking, and drinking. A dry mouth can be a sign of poor oral health. We are here to help. Visit us today, so we can help you understand more about dry mouth and other oral problems.
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