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Reasons Biting Down May Hurt to Do

Posted on 10/27/2017 by Office
Tea Joshua Austin, DDS FAGD FACD TX 78249
Tooth pain can start out with one little ache and then turn into something more painful. However, when it hurts to bite down, this could be a sign of a worse problem. When this happens, it is time to see us for help.

If something is seriously wrong, we can fix it for you. Here are some reasons for when it starts to hurt to bite down and what to do about this irritating and painful problem.

The Enamel is Wearing Away

The enamel on your teeth is there to protect them. Once they wear away, this can cause tooth pain when biting down. This is why it is important to brush your teeth at least twice per day, or preferably immediately right after you eat something. It is best to brush and floss three times per day, every day.

However, if the enamel starts to wear down, and it starts hurting when you bite down because of this, call us, and we can help you with this.

Grinding Your Teeth at Night During Sleep

Do you grind your teeth at night while you sleep? This can cause the sensitivity of your teeth and make it hurt when you bite down on something. If this happens, call us, come in to see us, and we will fix everything for you and make you feel better.

Are you Eating Acidic Foods?

If you eat acidic foods, you need to change your diet right away. This can cause you to have pain when biting down. If this is the case with you, cut out coffee, tea, and anything with citrus in it to help avoid the sensitivity of your teeth.

Using the tips above will help reduce or get rid of the sensitivity and pain when biting down altogether. Make sure to make an appointment with us, and we will assist you with this problem.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (210) 408-7999 today.

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