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Dental Blog

Dr. Joshua Austin has provided this educational blog as a resource to the community. Our hope at Joshua Austin, DDS is that our blog will cover the subjects that you may be interested in.

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Latest Posts:

Why Your Teeth and Gums Need You to Get Plenty of Vitamin D
Posted on 3/25/2018 by Office
Most people understand the relationship between Calcium and bones and teeth; and how this vitamin is vital for their strength. But, most do not understand the relationship Vitamin D has with Calcium and dental health. To understand, you must first learn what Vitamin D does for the body. The Relationship Between Vitamin D, Calcium, and Dental HealthVitamin D helps with the absorption of Calcium which is required for the optimal development of bone and teeth. During childhood, if we do not receive enough Vitamin D, bone deformities may occur. During adulthood, a lack of Vitamin D can result in osteoporosis, diminished bone density, and a higher risk of bone fractures. Although, you may brush and floss regularly and visit the dentist at least two times a year, periodontal disease may still occur. The bone, which is responsible for anchoring teeth into their socket, is weakened for those who suffer from periodontal disease. This weakening leads to gingivitis (or inflammation), bleeding, and redness resulting in tooth loss when left untreated. Vitamin D also works as an anti-inflammatory, and an immune system stimulator. Calcium is constantly moving in both the bones and teeth. If calcium levels are low it becomes reabsorbed into the bloodstream; when levels are increased it is placed back into the bones and teeth. However, this entire mechanism is regulated by Vitamin D. No Calcium can move into the bones and teeth when the levels of Vitamin D are low leading to weakening bones. Vitamin D RecommendationTo ensure Calcium moves into the bones and teeth, Vitamin D is required. While sun is best for Vitamin D, the sun can lead to cancer. Therefore, the daily recommendation of Vitamin D supplements for adults is 1,000 UI, while children take 400 UI. For more information about your teeth and gums need Vitamin D, contact up today!...

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